Ziegfeld Beauty - Lost in Thought

A superb centrepiece for a Reading Room

The Dressmaker's Day Off - Ziegfeld BeautyPeggy Shannon - Waitng for D'Artagnan - History follows Fiction in this sad tale Naomi Johnson Standing in The Garden of Eden - Joseph Urban Backdrop

An Interesting Companion Set for your Boudoir

Arabesque from Shoebox Classics Adrienne Ames - Beauty from Shoebox Classics Blue Velvet from Shoebox Classics

Inspiration for your Office or Study

Demure from Shoebox Classics Elegance by Shoebox Classics Homage by Shoebox Classics
Lace from Shoebox Classics Masquerade
Dorothy Flood - holding a - Mirror from Shoebox Classics

Intimate historic photographs

Sepia and muted colours combine to grace and decorate your bedroom, office and study. Wall mounted or free standing, these pictures create an instant focal point and converstion piece. Show Girls from the Age of Jass are the ideal genre pictures for a jazz bar, cocktail or nightclub theme.

Jean Ackerman is Sitting Pretty from Shoebox Classics Marjorie King inspiration for the Margarita - Spider from Shoebox Classics Muriel Finlay - Jazz Age Beauty from Shoebox Classics
Mythology from Shoebox Classics Sisters - A Cutterbove the rest from Shoebox Classics
The Recliner from Shoebox Classics

Ziegfeld Gallery

Glorifying the American Girl - Flappers, Art Deco Divas, Ziegfeld Girls. They've had many names but one thing is certain - Everyone of them has a certain classics beauty. This sitemap for the Ziegfeld Girls gives a good summary of some of the starlets featured in the Gallery of Colour Photos

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