Ziegfeld Girls were the main chorus girls and showgirls for the famous Follies; staged from 1907 to 1931. Florence Ziegfeld died in July 22 1932. The Ziegfeld Follies continued after his death.His wife, Billie Burke, used her married name Mrs. Florence Ziegfeld to produce and help promote the show with Lee Schubert.

The Ziegfeld Girls were not just admired for their beauty but for their elegant Art Deco costumes designed by Lucille (Lady Duff Gordon née Lucy Christiana Sutherland) and Erté (Romain de Tirtoff).Much of their costume jewelery would be supplied by Hobé and would have been at the height of fashion throughout the Art Deco and Roaring Twenties period.
The photos featured in this site were inspired by Alfred Chaney Johnson.

Ziegfeld Girls by Name

Adrienne Ames sometimes known as Adrianne Ames - New York Society Beauty and she has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame - 1612 Vine Street.

Billie Burke - Mrs Ziegfeld unless you're an old romantic. There is a tale to tell about her first meeting with Ziggy. Imagine Ex 'wife', current mistress and future wife all at the same party together. Not exactly a Clint Eastwood film; more 'The Good, The Bad and The Incredibly Beautiful. Come back soon and I'll tell you more.
The Good - Billie - She played Glinda, The Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz
The Bad and The Beautiful - all will be revealed soon.

Cutter Sisters - A double Act, sisters possibly 'Daisy' and 'Cookie'
Dorothy Flood - A real Golden Girl of the twenties.
Jean Ackerman
Marjorie King Don't forget to find out about the Margarita Cocktail
Muriel Finley - Hollywood's most beautiful blond and a real Jazz Mistress
Naomi Johnson - Can I tempt you with an apple or perhaps this Ginger Peachy Art Deco Diva. I'm sure she gets more beautiful every time I see this picture.

Peggy Shannon - A shooting star that burned brightly and faded quickly.
Ziegfield Girl - An alternative menu for some of the many Follies girls.

Ziegfeld Girl Pictures based on work by Alfred Cheney Johnston

Arabesque - Scheharazade was the wife with a tale to tell in the Arabian nights. Joseph Urban helped with the background to this nights work.

Beauty -Adrienne Ames is the beauty in this picture

Blue Velvet - Wrapped in blue velvet and pearls


Elegance - Art deco ration to the background

Homage - Worship or be worshipped with this challenging stare

Jazz Age Beauty - Muriel Finlay

Lace - See through lace and white shoes

Lost in Thought Metal Hoop, Tap Shoes and Lace are all this Ziegfeld Girl needs for a show stopping performance.

Masquerade - Mask, Pearls and a comfortable seat in this Art Nouveau interior by Victor Horta

Mirror Mirror - Dorothy Flood could be the fairest of all in this Venetian scene by Joseph Urban.

Mythology - Myth or Legend? She sits with long hair flowing and silver lace wrapped across her knee.

Sisters - The Cutter Sisters. There have been other Follies siblings and I'll fill you in later.

Sitting Pretty - Jean Ackerman is pretty sitting sideways looking focused yet distracted from the viewer. Another Black Lace Deco Diva.

Spider - Muriel King looks over her shoulder clutching her pearls unafraid of the spider on her wrap. She may have inspired the Margarita

Standing in the Garden of Eden - Naomi Johnson is the Eve in this scene. No fig leaf or forbidden fruit, just a very refined pose from a lady wrapped in satin with a pearl drop.

The Dressmaker's Day Off - ziegfeld Girl poses in the Home of the Dressmaker in this scene inspired by a Joseph Urban set from the Ziegfeld Follies.

The Recliner - Ziegfeld girl completely comfortable with just her short pearl choker and cloth wrap.

Waiting For D' Artagnan - Peggy Shannon blurs the gap between fact and fiction in this tragic story of love and loss.

Ziegfeld Follies and the New York Theatre - Key Figures

Joseph Urban - Architect, Designer and Theatre Artist - He introduced many new techniques into theatre design and stage layout.

Gene Buck - Ziegfeld's right hand man and Jack of all trades.

Ziegfeld's Forthcoming Attractions:-

The Good The Bad and The Beautiful - Ziegfeld's Trio of ladies meet for the first time and Ziggy and Billie get Jiggy!
"Beauty Adrienne Ames Part 2" - A new Ziegfeld Folly for the collection.

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