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Marjorie King - Inspiration for The Margarita

Carlos “Danny” Herrera settled in Baja, California with his wife around 1929.
They built the ‘Rancho La Gloria’ named after their daughter and over the years added a bar, a restaurant, a swimming pool and 10 hotel rooms so by 1935 had created a thriving little business.

Rancho La Gloria became a regular stopping point with actors and socialites travelling to the popular Rosarita Beach. As fate would have it one such visitor was Marjorie King, a beauty of the time and Ziegfeld Starlet.

According to fable, Marjorie was allergic to all alcoholic beverages except Tequila.
While her friends enjoyed Danny’s cocktails in the afternoon, Marjorie remained notably sober.

She explained to Danny that she could drink Tequila but didn’t actually like the taste.
The challenge was set and Danny went to work blending the tequila and making a drink fit for this beauty.

He repackaged the Tequila, Lime and Salt into a new cocktail, presented it in a champagne glass to match her great beauty and style.
And a new drink was born.

It was an instant success and presented to just the right people to make it famous.

So Why Margarita?

Ah yes, Marjorie translates into Spanish as ‘Margarita’!

So next time you’re out and order a cocktail, ask for a Margarita and raise your glass to the inventive talents of Carlos “Danny” Herrera and inspiring Marjorie “Margarita” King.

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