Dorothy Flood

Follies of 1907

The Ziegfeld Follies were a series of elaborate theatrical productions running from 1907 through 1931 and were conceived and mounted by Florenz Ziegfeld.
The first Follies took place in the Roof Garden of the New York Theatre of Klaw and Erlanger in July 1907.
Anna Held, his common-law wife at that time proposed the name "Follies of the Year", probably based upon a New York newspaper column:
"Follies of The Day".
Ziegfeld chose instead "Follies of 1907".
While influenced by the Parisian - "Folies Bergères" The Follies originally contained many comedic sketches based upon newsworthy topics of the day so "Follies of the Day" seems a more likely origin at least for the naming of the Ziegfeld Follies.

The first chorus line of 50 girls were billed as The Anna Held Girls and no doubt added to the success of the show. Ziegfeld, as manager, earned $200 per week and the show ended with a profit of $120,000. Not bad for an investment of about $17,000 to cover scenery, costumes and wages.

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